Facebook Ads 1-2-1 Coaching with Tamara

Get 1-2-1 Facebook Ads Support and Create a Profitable Lead Generation Campaign to Grow Your Business.


Ditch all your excuses and FINALLY, once and for all, overcome the pain of creating Facebook Ads that cost you a fortune, yet don't achieve any results... 

Discover a fast and flexible way to get Facebook (and Instagram) Ads support for your Online Business!

Here’s what my Facebook Ads Coaching can do for you:

  • Instead of you jumping on Facebook and randomly boosting posts, or creating ads that get disapproved, or even - doing nothing, you can get tailored help from a professional
  • Instead of wasting money on wrong targeting (or no targeting) and ads that don't work you will be able to generate a steady stream of new leads
  • Instead of wasting hours and days trying to figure Facebook Ads all on your own, attending webinars, watching videos - you will get someone hand-hold you through the whole process of ad creation
  • Instead of buying courses that are out of date before you even complete them you will get access to the top information and know-how of what's working NOW on Facebook to apply to your campaigns.

What would 100 new leads mean for your business? What about 1000?

What about 20 new premium clients? Or 20 sales/week of your online course or program?

Or how about an evergreen campaign selling your online course, month after month, generating money every day?

Finally, you will have a reliable consistent system for your business generating new leads and sales every time you switch it on.  

Yes, it really can be as simple as that!

How it works:

With this coaching package you will have 6 hours of 1-2-1 time with me. Every time you need help you and I jump on Skype together for 30, 60, or 90 minute sessions. 

You’ll share your screen with me and we'll dive right into your Ads account and how Facebook Ads can be best put to promote your offers, services and products. 

Got specific questions? You’ll get your answers in record time (and in plain English)

Not sure exactly how to get started? I'll guide you through the process of your first few campaigns.

Why should you listen to me?

My name is Tamara Baranova. 

I've been studying Facebook Ads for years to generate leads, sales, and exposure in my business (which I started back in 2007). 

I've generated 6-figure launches and 5-figure evergreen monthly funnels for my clients over these years. 

This coaching experience is a compilation of all my experience and training, and now I want to share it with you.  

+ EXPERIENCE: I've been in business since 2007 working with over 100 online business owners, coaches and consultants. I provide Facebook Ads support as an agency, so I'm not just teaching you and telling you what to do. I have plenty of first-hand experience of WHY things will work (or not). I'm managing 20-30 ad accounts on a regular basis running campaigns ranging from webinars, free ebooks, video series, and free training promotions, page likes, Lead Generation ads, video views to complex evergreen funnels.

+ TRAINING: I'm a certified Customer Acquisition Specialist and Customer Value Optimisation Specialist, by DigitalMarketer.com and a Certified Facebook Ads Manager by Dominate Web Media. I've also graduated (to name a few) from Bschool by Marie Forleo, Zero to Launch by Ramit Sethi, Profit Lab by Amy Porterfield.

+ FLEXIBILITY: Your 6h of 1-2-1 support are completely flexible and are valid for 6 months as and when you need it. You are not tied into any retainers, minimum spend levels, ongoing contracts or hidden fees!

Real Clients... Real Results!

I only have limited coaching slots available. Once they are booked - they are gone until existing clients complete their packages. Want in? Sign up below while this page is available!

Simply click here to secure one of the coaching places for your business.

Pay by card for the coaching package - and you can get started immediately. Your 6-hour package is valid for 6 months, so it's good for twelve 30-min sessions, or six 60-min sessions, or four 90-min sessions - or a combination of these.

Download your bonuses.

With the package you will also get access to 3 awesome bonuses:

1 - Profitable Facebook Ads Blueprint course (worth $297)

2 - Virtual Marketing Academy Insider membership for 3 months (worth $297)

3 - Create Your First Profitable Funnel course (worth $197)

You will get immediate access to all courses and resources included!

When you need help - get on a Skype call with me to sort it out... and voila!

I don't do "traffic". I work with you to launch a profitable Facebook Ads campaign - which means we will engineer the whole funnel in place to make sure that every $1 that we invest into Facebook's pockets through ads - comes back as $2 (or more) into your business.

What others think about my Facebook Ads services:

"Tamara showed me how to increase my income and automate my business! 

She demonstrated her competency in many areas and gave me many more ideas to increase my income and created better strategies moving forward with my business. My only regret is not knowing about Tamara 4 years ago when I started!!

- Danny Johnson DannyJ.com

“Facebook Ads gave my business the exposure it needed and leads! 

Thank you Tamara for once again saving me! I am a creative person and my brain loves to create, and I am in my “happy place” when I am there. However, as a business owner I need analytics and details in my business, which you do so well. Thank you for writing up my Facebook ads and setting them up for me. I would not have been able to do it without you. It has helped get the exposure my business needed as well as getting over 2500 new magazine subscribers.” 

- Sharon White Global Healing Exchange

"I've had a 6 figure launch reaching exactly the right people that belonged in that course. I can't now imagine doing a launch without you! 

More importantly than being a successful launch in terms of attendance, I think we reached exactly the people that really belong in that course. I left the targeting in Facebook completely up to your expertise. So I’m really happy with those results, not only the attendance and the revenue, but also the people were so amazing." 

- Christa Meola Online Boudoir Workshop

"Tamara's support is my safety net for me, I wouldn't have been able to launch this online program without her brilliant marketing strategy advice or technical support!

I’ve been able to get many more members for my membership site: the same number of members in three months with Tamara, as I did in 8 months prior to that."

- Janice Tucker Qigong Teacher, Space to Relax

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